The Artists

LAWRENCE HERSBERGER is one of the most well known and influential Christmas/Santa artists in the world today. His work is known and sought after world-wide, with client commissioning his art for both home and commercial use.  Mr. Hersberger has designed and created for clients in over 50 countries. He is a renaissance artist in the truest sense of the word and a pure creator of art. Although Lawrence has lived a successful life as an artist, he always says that life and his art really began once he met Ela. Two highly talented minds came together to create something that has never been done before…that is more than excitement, it is evolution in art.

ELA BEDNAREK is an artist and a visionary. Her work and understanding of art, blend both traditional fundamentals and today’s technologies. Ela has extraordinary knowledge and skill in the fields of oil painting, light, people and photography. Ela’s deep knowledge and experience in the luxury special event field is imperative to the overall art project of Masterpiece Celebrity Christmas. Once you meet Ela, she will impact your life in a soulful positive way. This is a powerful skill in bringing the emotion and personality of a client into the end artwork. Ela has worked with clients from Miami to NYC.

Lawrence and Ela are partners in love, life, business and art. The have a deep belief in each other. They have each lived an international life of art and creating art. Artistically they function as one. Masterpiece Celebrity Christmas was designed, created and developed through the special inspiration shared between them. This unique and highly unusual artistic connection has led to this extraordinary celebrity Christmas experience. To say Ela and Lawrence creatively feed off each other is an understatement.